Gyms With Sauna and Steam Rooms - Finding Your Local Fitness RetreatGyms With Sauna and Steam Rooms - Finding Your Local Fitness Retreat

After an intense workout, what’s better than unwinding those spent muscles in enveloping warmth? Saunas have long served athletic clubs and spas for accelerated recovery thanks to dry air heating sore tissues while steam rooms soak users in humid heat to unlock even tighter knots. More gyms now realize the big draw of installing one or both of these restorative facilities – but what should you look for in finding your ideal hot spot?

Sauna vs Steam Room: Their Distinct Benefits

Though they both utilize warming temperatures for therapeutic perks, saunas and steam rooms provide different health advantages:

Saunas deliver dry heat ranging 160-200°F from wood-lined rooms accented by lava rocks with water sprinkled to increase humidity slightly. Benefits include:

  • Detoxifying sweat
  • Calorie and fat burn
  • Pain relief
  • Relaxation

Improved circulation

Steam rooms fill chambers with warm moist air around 110-120°F by heating water in steam generators to filter steam through vents. Advantages include:

  • Detoxifying sweat
  • Muscle relaxation
  • Respiratory relief
  • Healthy skin
  • Stress reduction*

Understanding these core differences allows you to choose facilities aligned with your wellness goals, whether that’s clearer breathing, unwinding post-workout or sweating out toxins. Best of all? Many upscale gyms now offer both options!

What to Look For in Dual Sauna + Steam Rooms

Seeking out a gym granting you unlimited access to BOTH sauna and steam benefits takes your post-workout recovery to the next level. But what should you look for when touring prospective fitness centers?


Given the shared heat and sweat, impeccable sanitation is essential so inspect floors, vents, handles and seating for dirt or mildew. Lockers, showers and restrooms should meet similar standards.


Well-maintained heating elements and drainage systems ensure reliable function so check for signs of disrepair like cracks or leaks. Updated decor, paint and lighting also enhance experiences.

Usage Rules

Look for posted rules about hydration, session lengths, appropriate attire and health precautions for safely enjoying rooms. Staff should proactively monitor guest health also.

Added Amenities

Upscale gyms go beyond basics to offer eucalyptus-infused steam, massage jets, mood lighting, and luxury seating for supreme relaxation. Consider how much these extras are worth to you.

Location Convenience

If you’ll visit the sauna or steam room after each workout, ensure they are easily accessible from equipment areas or studios without having to traverse the entire gym back to locker rooms.

Cost vs Usage

Judge monthly fees based on your projected usage balanced with the extent of diamond-level amenities. Multi-club chains also allow visiting other locations.

Top Gym Chains With Saunas & Steam Rooms

National fitness franchises pace the industry investing in deluxe wellness offerings like saunas and steam rooms for member enjoyment. Explore these top-rated chains widely equipped with relaxation rooms:

1. Equinox – With lavish clubs across major metros including swimming pools, hot yoga studios and full-service spas, Equinox sets the gold standard providing both dry cedarwood saunas plus eucalyptus-infused steam rooms for refreshing restoration.

2. LA Fitness – As one of the country’s largest gym chains spanning over 700 locations, LA Fitness designs even standard gyms to include multi-person dry saunas in men’s and women’s locker areas with steam rooms occasionally available at select upscale signature clubs.

3. 24 Hour Fitness – Saunas typically reside within men’s and women’s locker rooms across the over 450 nationwide locations open 24 hours while some also contain steam rooms, especially renovated centers like those in San Francisco.

4. Lifetime Fitness – This Minnesota-based brand operates luxury multi-sport clubs providing pools, basketball courts and classes with the majority also featuring saunas in changing areas along with steam rooms accented by mood lighting and music at many destinations.

5. Gold’s Gym – As a bodybuilder mainstay, Gold’s Gym prioritizes muscle recovery so most clubs integrate 4-person to 6-person single sex dry saunas, with steam rooms additionally installed in upgraded gym floors like those in Texas and Colorado.

Local Gyms With Steam Rooms & Saunas

Alongside nationally recognized chains, specialized local gyms in many areas also realize the value of heat-based wellness rooms for member enjoyment and often offer both modalities. Search sites like Google Maps or Yelp for highest rated area gyms, then call to inquire about their on-site sauna and steam room availability.

When investigating hometown facilities as potential new members, be sure to ask targeted questions about size, usage, amenities and cleaning procedures to assess if their relaxation resources suit your preferences. Considering touring in person to gauge overall maintenance and cleanliness also proves wise before committing.

DIY Home Saunas vs Public Gym Access

While joining a gym grants easy access to expertly maintained public facilities, installing your own personal sauna or steam shower at home keeps soothing heat therapy always available. Thanks to contemporary modular designs and equipment, DIY home options now provide practical solutions for personal use.

Evaluate your frequency of potential usage, space constraints and budget when deciding between public gym membership fees compared to purchasing your own dry or infrared home sauna unit. Just remember professional installation and electrical upgrades may be required― so calculate total costs for a candid financial comparison.

At the end of the day, having unlimited access to muscle-mending dry air or tension-taming moist steam provides invaluable therapeutic advantages for recovery. Treat your body to these well-earned benefits when you need them most after vigorous exertion.


Having access to sauna and steam rooms serves both bodybuilders and casual fitness buffs recovering from a spectrum of vigorous workouts. Seek out gyms promoting muscle repair in warming rooms―then reward all that punishing effort with some much needed tissue-soothing heat therapy surrounded by simple luxury. Your post-workout glow will speak for itself!


What’s better for sore muscles – sauna or steam room?

For sheer muscle pain relief, dry cedar heat saunas reach hotter interior peak temperatures that penetrate deeper to loosen fascia and soothe soreness. However the moist warmth of steam rooms also relax muscles wonderfully with the added perk of unblocking nasal congestion.

Is 20 minutes too long in a sauna or steam room?

Sessions between 15-20 minutes meet therapeutic benefits without risking overexposure for most healthy adults. However, it’s wise for newcomers to start with 10 minutes or less and hydrate well before/after use until the body acclimates to the heat levels comfortably.

Which is better – home or gym sauna/steam rooms?

Commercial facilities allow full-scale rooms for socializing that residential sizes can’t match. However personal home saunas mean unlimited access for private relaxation and holistic healing without time limits, contracts or monthly fees. Decide based on frequency of intended usage and budget.

What precautions are necessary when using saunas or steam rooms?

It’s vital to hydrate before and after use, relax if feeling lightheaded, allow the body to slowly normalize temperatures when finishing, shower to rinse residue and closely monitor duration lengths to avoid overheating. Those with medical conditions should first consult doctors too.

What should you not do in a gym sauna or steam room?

Avoid entering while intoxicated, with any open cuts/sores or wearing jewelry/eyewear which can uncomfortably magnify heat effects. Never apply lotions pre-use either as the oils intensify heat dangerously. Rinse showers are highly recommended before entering shared public rooms also for sanitary reasons.

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