How to make an offer to purchase a property?

An offer to purchase takes the form of a letter written and sent to the seller, where the future buyer offers to buy a property under fixed conditions and generally at a price lower than that requested by the owner.

You don’t have to go it alone, a real estate agent can help you write it.

If your offer differs significantly from the asking price, consider including a letter highlighting your property and its benefits, such as market conditions or a small comparative analysis of real estate prices in the area concerned. Learn more about nekretnine.

What is the deadline for a purchase offer? 

The buyer must indicate in his proposal the validity of his offer, a period which is generally set at a maximum of two weeks.

Attention, no sum of money must be attached to the offer. Beyond this period, the offer will be considered null and void.

Seller’s responses: accepted, negotiated or refused?

After reviewing your request, the seller can accept your offer as is, refuse it completely or counter it to start the negotiation process.

  • If the seller accepts your offer, he signs the purchase and sale contract.
  • In case of refusal of offer, the negotiations can end.
  • If the seller retaliates with terms, you can either accept all or part of their counter-offer, or counter them.

It is common for negotiations to take place in a few rounds, with the buyer and seller making counter-offers back and forth, usually with the advice and assistance of their agents. The price is not the only thing that can be negotiated.

You might also find yourself negotiating repairs, contingencies, furniture or fixtures, and a closing schedule.

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