Hum to Search: Identify songs by humming thanks to Google

Identifying songs by humming is now possible thanks to Google’s new feature: ” Hum to Search “. Learn how to use it and discover other Apps to identify songs .

And let’s face it, this week alone, how many times have you tried to remember that cool song? And in the end you only manage to hum an off-key melody… Well, Google has plenty of it and that’s enough for it to tell you what song you were thinking of. It amazes, because «Hum to Search» is precisely this, a new function for the Google App that is already available on iOS and Android for more than 20 languages ​​(Spanish among them). Know more about device repair shop near me in USA.

How to use Google’s Hum to Search? Step by Step

More than once we have wondered how to search for a song on Google without knowing the name. The result in most cases is reduced to trying to write a part of the letter or trying to write the sound that we would make when humming it. Well, this second one is closer to what we are going to do now.

Grab your smartphone and download (if you don’t have one) the Google APP for iOS and Android. If you already had it installed, the options to open or update it will appear. Are you looking fix phones near me in New York City?

  1. Open the Google app.
  2. Tap the “Microphone” icon on the far right of the search bar.
  3. When the “Listening” screen appears, you should say “What song is this?” or press the “Search for a song” button.
  4. You can then hum the song for 15 seconds.
  5. The app will give you up to three results with a % match.
  6. Open the one you think is closest to the result you were looking for.
  7. If you are not satisfied with the result, select “Retry”.

Trust us when we tell you that Google’s “Hum to Search” works surprisingly well. If you don’t trust, start with simple and easily recognizable songs, and then go up the level. A help to detect the song is to try to scramble the original language instead of simply singing (but be careful, because the process can be somewhat pathetic).

How does Google know what song we hum?

The first thing that comes to mind is to compare the application to search for songs by humming Google with Shazam . And we would not be misguided since the premise and the technology that each one uses is quite similar, how to know which song is playing?

Although if we compare them, there is no doubt that Google has managed to go one step further thanks to a complex system of algorithms, artificial intelligence and machine learning . The easy way to explain this is by comparing the musical waves of a song with a fingerprint, in this way each song has its own identity that Google classifies in “fingerprints”. By humming, we create concrete structures that Google modulates and compares looking for similarities, resulting in what it thinks we were looking for.

If you are really interested in this topic, you should know that the process behind “Hum to Search” is much more complex. From Google they report that this technology uses machine learning profiles to transform the audio ( whether we are singing, whistling or humming ) into sequences of numbers that identify each song. This technology also uses algorithms that clean the original songs of “unnecessary” sounds, keeping the main elements that make up the original fingerprint against which our hummed version will be compared.

The origin of Hum to Search

You have to know that the technology to search for songs by humming Google did not appear out of nowhere. In fact, Google has spent several years trying to answer the question of how to know what song is playing .

Back in 2017 with the launch of “Now Playing” on its Pixel 2 smartphone, Google engineers got pretty close to what we now know as Shazam. Later in 2018, this technology would be incorporated in an improved way into the Google App under the name of “ Sound Search ”, although quite unnoticed despite its ability to identify millions of songs.

But with “Hum to Search” things change, since although it hasn’t been the first application to allow us to search for songs by humming, its results are really surprising. As we anticipated at the beginning of the article, it is available for more than 20 languages ​​(because French does not hum the same as Spanish) with the intention of expanding it to more languages ​​in the future.

Other applications to search for songs by humming

No, Google is not the only application capable of searching for songs by humming, we are going to give two alternatives (one more valid than the other) and some extra tools, to answer the eternal question: How to know the name of a song if you don’t do you know the lyrics?


The first alternative to Google to search for songs humming that we suggest is Midomi. Using it is really simple , you just have to enter its website, press the big orange central button and start humming (the process may ask you for permissions to access the microphone).

Apart from this, Midomi will allow you to search and research different genres of music, groups and lesser known artists. And if you’re especially creative, you can join their community to record and share your own music with others.


Yes, you can search for songs by humming on YouTube, although maybe not as you imagine. You may already know this trick (or not) but if you write the hum of the song you are trying to guess on YouTube , the percentage of it detecting it for you is surprisingly high. Yes, we know this is bullshit, but in desperate situations, desperate measures. Here are a couple of examples:


This is not a tool to search for songs by humming, but it is so good that we will not need to resort to the latter to know which song is the one that is drilling our heads. And the thing is, if the song you’re thinking of is from a series, Tune Find is your best ally. This application will let you know what song has been played, at what specific moment of an episode of a series. No more sticking Shazam to TV or PC speakers.

And that’s all my friend, you came to this article to learn how to search for songs by humming on Google and now you know a little more about the “Hum to Search” revolution. In addition to having discovered the odd trick in case the above fails. Hum in the comments below which song you can’t find even with all the methods we’ve taught you, let’s see if we can all find it together.

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