Nissan Z 2022, the brand's purest sports car

Nissan just unveiled its all-new 2022 Z at the New York auto show, recalling the spectacular heritage of a model that has ignited the passions of fans for more than 50 years.

A little here, a little there, this is how Nissan has designed its new Z 2022, incorporating design elements that are reminiscent of previous versions, from models of the 70s and 90s, and of course, including novelties. Know more about VW Volkswagen ne shitje.

It was at the end of 2020 that the brand showed the “ Z Proto ” concept car for the first time , thus announcing the long-awaited replacement of the extinct 370Z, which represented a true milestone in the industry since its first generation in 1969 with about 1.8 million units sold in the world, being the best-selling brand sports car in history.

The new generation of the Nissan Z 2022 in terms of its design has been inspired by the 240ZG on its front and the mythical 300 ZX of the 90s for its rear , and with a final silhouette that pays homage to the first generations of the model.

In fact, its front end incorporates a large rectangular grille with the integration of a spoiler bumper inherited from the Nissan GT-R, and with a very elongated hood and semicircular headlights reminiscent of the 240ZG of the 70s.

With a really low driving position, it has been given a rectangular rear inspired by the 300ZX, with integration of LED taillights and a mini spoiler for the “performance” version.

In this way, an aesthetic has been achieved that very effectively fuses the retro spirit of the model with a very modern design , something that seems to be a trend in many brands today.

An interior with retro touches but very modern

The seats come from a technical development carried out on the basis of the GT-R in terms of adjustment and support, achieving an adaptation like a “glove” for both the driver and the passenger.

This peculiar mix of modern and retro is seen in its deep-spoke multifunction steering wheel that incorporates all the necessary quick access controls, as well as a console that is divided into 3 zones with an instrument panel that mounts three analog clocks (pressure blowing pressure, turbo speed and voltmeter).

For its part, the gear levers, both manual and automatic, are newly developed seeking maximum grip and comfort. In the case of the automatic transmission, it incorporates some cams behind the steering wheel for its management.

Digitization is evident on the dashboard with a fully customizable 12.3-inch digital instrument panel (3 display modes), with a center console that incorporates an 8-inch touch screen located above the physical climate controls.

In addition, 3 interior color environments have been created (graphite, red and blue), with a special launch edition “Proto Spec” that contains countless yellow details inside, both on the panel and on the seats and on their seams.

Sports in its purest style

With the same sporting spirit with which the Nissan Z was born and maintaining its historical heritage, the new Z 2022 has been designed super vital and dynamic, although practically maintaining the compact measurements that it already had in its last generation. 

Nissan Z 2022 length m Width m Height m battle m trunk liters
  4.38 1.54 1.32 2.55 139

The standard equipment includes a 6-speed manual transmission , thus continuing the man-machine sports driving tradition of its history, with rear-wheel drive. Optionally, it offers an advanced 9-speed automatic transmission with a very quick response.

The propellant is perhaps the best ambassador of the sporting power of the new Nissan Z 2022, mounting a 3.0-liter V6 bi-turbo capable of generating 400 hp (57 hp more than its predecessor) and with 30% more maximum torque, reaching 48.4 mkg at 5,600 rpm .

This engine has been designed to provide very forceful responses with the performance of its boost, although with a progressive thrust so that its driving is more comfortable and not so aggressive.

Improvements of all kinds

The aforementioned power increases have required the technical designers of the new Nissan Z 2022 to update in a very specific way the vast majority of the vital elements of the car , such as the chassis, cooling, suspension and steering, finally with the following interventions summarized, but clearly identify this sporting mission of the model:

  • New mono-tube type shock absorbers that provide a notable reduction in damping force.
  • Limited slip differential  from a mechanical clutch, with the “Performance” version.
  • Electric power steering with mechanical feel assisted.
  • In the “Performance” version  , the manual transmission includes a  ” launch control ” start-up assistance control system  that is standard with the automatic gearbox and that collaborates for controlled acceleration from a standstill without losing traction.
  • Sport driving mode with automatic gearbox, for faster acceleration and sporty adjustments in both the steering and dynamic stability control settings.
  • Wider front tires that also help increase cornering performance by up to 13%.
    • “Sport” access version  , 18″ wheels with 245/45 tires.
    • “Performance” and “Proto Spec Edition” versions  , 19” wheels with different size tires on each axle (255/40 on the front and 275/35 on the rear).
    • The “Proto Spec” version sports  yellow painted calipers with the Z logo.
  • Improved stiffness.
  • Double clutch system  in gear reductions ( Downshift Rev Matching ).
  • Aluminum double-wishbone front suspension helps improve straight-line stability and increase turning angle.

To date, the information we have is that the New Nissan Z 2022 will be launched on the market in the first months of 2022 with “Sport” and “Performace” versions and together with the special launch series “Proto Spec” with wheels aluminum alloy in bronze color, exclusive seats in leather with details and stitching in yellow.

The car will be offered in 3 full and 6 bi -tonal body colours , including 2 new ones (Seiran Blue and Ikazuchi Yellow), both with a “Super Black” roof.

The prices of the new Nissan Z 2022 for Spain are still pending information from the brand at the moment, although our research points to positions similar to its predecessors in the sports car market .