Tesla Model 3 and its semi-automatic driving

Indeed, the Tesla Model 3 is the 100% electric compact sedan that has competed in the “D” segment of the market since 2016, although it has been marketed in Spain since 2018.

Within a “Premium” position, the Telsa Model 3 has different and perfectly consistent dimensions with respect to its most direct and prominent competitors ( Volkswagen ID.6, Mercedes EQE or the BMW i4 ). Know more about Chrysler ne shitje.

Tesla Model 3 length m Width m Height m battle m trunk liters
  4,694 1,849 1,443 2,875 649

It is a 5-door with 5 seats that provides a powerful trunk of 649 liters , with a total weight of 1,831 kg and a height to the ground of 140 mm, all with a super powered battery that provides autonomies ranging from 415 up to 560 km depending on the version, with a starting price close to €48,000.

Its success in worldwide sales is credited, after the launch by Tesla of the Model S and Model X, in 2016 when in less than 24 hours it was able to collect 135,000 reservations that indicated a launch of great potential.

In 2022 , the launch of the Tesla Model Y is expected , which is considered the compact Crossover variant of the current Model 3 , although the brand anticipates that its prices will be very similar to the current ones of the saloon.

Three completely different versions

The currently available versions are the following:

  • Tesla Model 3 “Standard Range Plus” , access version with 415 km of autonomy (WLTP), a 256 hp electric motor on the rear axle and performance comparable to a 300 hp sports sedan as it goes from 0 to 100 km/ h in 5.6 seconds.
  • Tesla Model 3 “Long Range Battery All-Wheel drive” , with two electric motors (one on each axle) to generate its all -wheel drive , 351 total CV , autonomy of 560 km (WLTP), 233 km/h top speed and capable to go from standstill to 100 km/h in 4.8 seconds.
  • Tesla Model 3 “Performance” , also with all-wheel drive and two electric motors , 462 CV of total power , 530 km of autonomy , maximum speed of 250 km/h and capable of reaching 100 km/h from standstill in 3.5 seconds .

The “ Performance ” version adds very peculiar and striking elements such as:

  • Major carbon fiber spoiler
  • 20” wheels
  • aluminum pedals
  • “Track Mode” function , which is a driving mode that cools the electric motors and the battery with greater intensity, increasing the power of regenerative braking, offering an electronic differential that supports faster cornering and a “drift” mode for show drifts… ( especially designed for circuit driving ).

As is already known, like all models of the Tesla brand, the Tesla Model 3 benefits from a wide network of ultra-fast chargers “Supercharger” that is being located throughout Spain and Europe, already counting in our country with at least 30 service stations within this interesting network.

Keeping the Tesla family design

All Tesla models have a very similar compendium of appearance, and the Tesla Model 3 is not an exception with its great image similarity to the Tesla Model S , being much shorter and with 5 seats instead of 7 and lacking a radiator grille. .

It maintains a very dynamic appearance and the usual technological level of the brand, with a very spacious interior and a really minimalist dashboard dominated by a large 15” touch screen with very high resolution.

This screen manages its advanced infotainment system with Google Maps, travel information, Wi-Fi, charging, information about the car… in addition to the digital instrumentation that manages the car’s operation.

The dashboard does not include any buttons , as well as the classic air conditioning vents that are hidden in a very creative way so as not to break with the image of technological minimalism that has been sought in this model.

Prepared for autonomous driving with “autopilot 2.0”

One of the global concepts of the Californian brand is that all its models are prepared from the outset, at the hardware level, to be able to be autonomous vehicles and circulate without a driver correctly and without risk.

At the moment, European and therefore Spanish legislation does not allow this type of autonomous driving, so all its capabilities are self -limited so that they can be reactivated through a simple software update that can make the car fully autonomous. functionality.

The Tesla Model 3 incorporates , consequently, all known advances for semi-automatic driving , many of them developed by Tesla such as the ” AutoPilot “, which is optionally available for €5,300, and which incorporates:

  • Speed ​​adjustment to traffic conditions
  • Automatically keeping lane
  • parked automatically
  • “Summon” function that allows you to park and remove the car in very small spaces

As for prices , maintaining the high position of the same that Tesla has expanded since its first model, they are positioned well high. Taking into account the contents and technologies that the model incorporates, we can affirm that these are more than acceptable.

TESLA MODEL 3 BEV Version RRP price

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