The main models of mambo vs thermomix: comparison, which one to buy

If you still don’t know which food processor to choose, take note and don’t miss our comparison between Mambo Cecotec vs Thermomix, their pros and cons. We review all the characteristics of the Cecotec and Thermomix models and help you decide. Never before has a confrontation between robots been so tasty! Know more about pixio.

We all know the famous Vortek Thermomix and the delicacies it can prepare almost autonomously. But in recent years a few competitors have emerged, including Cecotec’s Mambo, with a wide range of kitchen robot models that, little by little, have been introduced in the kitchens of all homes. And that is when we ask ourselves the typical questions: Why does the Thermomix cost three times more than the Mambo? Is it worth paying more? What is the difference between the Mambo and the Thermomix? We answer all these questions (and some more that you hadn’t thought about) below. You might be interested in snow sculptures.

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What models exist of Mambo Cecotec?

It is known that when Thermomix releases a new model it is difficult to decide which one to buy (unless you buy a second-hand Thermomix with up to 60% discount at Cash Converters). However, with Cecotec’s Mambo kitchen robots this does not happen, we can currently find up to 6 models with ease. So, so that you can easily compare the most important characteristics of all the mambo vs Thermomix models, we have created the following table for you. But this does not end here! Keep reading and we tell you the best and the worst of each one in detail. Leran more about breckenridge snow sculptures.

Kitchen robot Thermomix TM6 Mambo 10090 Mambo 10070 Mambo 9590 Mambo 9090 Mambo 8590 Mambo 8090
Con app And And And No No No No
Power 1000 W 1700 W 1700 W 1700 W 1700 W 1700 W 1700 W
Functions 15 30 30 30 30 30 30
power levels guided 10 10 10 10 10 10
speeds 10 10+1 10+1 10+1 10+1 10+1 10+1
timer up to 8 hours up to 12 hours up to 12 hours up to 12 hours up to 12 hours up to 12 hours up to 12 hours
temperatures 37ºC – 160ºC 37ºC – 120ºC 37ºC – 120ºC 37ºC – 120ºC 37ºC – 120ºC 37ºC – 120ºC 37ºC – 120ºC
Jar capacity 2,2 L 3.3 L (usable 2.2 L) 3.3 L (usable 2.2 L) 3.3 L (usable 2.2 L) 3.3 L (usable 2.2 L) 3.3 L (usable 2.2 L) 3.3 L (usable 2.2 L)
ceramic jug No And No And And No No
Stainless steel jug. And And And And And And And
Reinforced lid And And And And No And No
integrated scale And And And And And And And
turbo function And And And And And And And
Vaporera And And And And And And And
basket And And And And And And And
Spatula And And And And And And And
Mariposa And And And And And And And
kneading spoon No And And And And And And
Dishwasher cleaning And And And And And And And
Precio 1259€ 449€ 339€ 250€ 259€ 195€ 229€

Pros and cons of Mambo and Thermomix

Next, and so that you can learn a little more in detail about the different Cecotec vs Thermomix mambo models, we are going to review what we like the most (and what we don’t) about each of the ones that we have listed above. And if you really have doubts about the differences between the last two models (Mambo 10090 vs Thermomix TM6) it is best that you skip this and go to the next section of the article.

Thermomix TM6

What we like

  • The quality and durability of all materials is excellent
  • Its front touch screen is very large, has an intuitive interface and responds very well to touch
  • All accessories and lid are very durable and easy to clean
  • It has many automated functions, such as fermentation, low temperature cooking, sous vide cooking and even boiling water.
  • It has an artificial intelligence system that allows you to cook food better based on its weight and type
  • It has WiFi connection to a large recipe book of dishes that you can cook in a guided way step by step

What we don’t like

  • If you don’t want to buy the Thermomix Friend, its recipes are limited to 4-5 people.
  • Higher temperature levels are limited to certain guided recipes
  • Although you have a lot of recipes through cokidoo, it costs €3/month or €36 per year (although it comes with 6 months free)
  • It does not come with kneading accessories like some Mambo models do.
  • The price is very high compared to its competitors

Mambo Cecotec

What we like

  • The latest models bring a new screen that is more intuitive and easier to handle when we are in full swing
  • They have improved the accuracy of the scale and the performance of the different cooking modes
  • Incorporates the famous Mambomix spoon to cook from risottos to rice with broth, knead bread or make biscuits
  • It has a quite elegant black and metal design
  • The price compared to the Thermomix is ​​unbeatable
  • Most models come with a second ceramic glass, with which you can make several recipes at the same time without cleaning

What we don’t like

  • Not all models come with APP, the second jar or the reinforced lid
  • The recipes are not self-guided nor do you have a recipe book like Cokidoo
  • It reaches less temperature than the Thermomix (120ºC vs 160ºC)
  • They say that the jug has a capacity of 3.3 L although the reality is that only 2.2 L are useful

The latest model in comparison: Mambo 10090 vs Thermomix TM6

If what really interests you is to know what is good and bad about the latest models of Mambo vs Thermomix, read carefully. Next we are going to buy the Thermomix TM6 vs. the Mambo 10090, the two best models of each brand of kitchen robots. Both are very similar in performance, accessories, features but not in price. Which model is the best? We tell you!

Kitchen robot Thermomix TM6 Mambo 10090
Power 1000W 1700W
Functions 30 15
temperatures 37ºC – 160ºC 37ºC – 120ºC
speeds 10+1 10
cooking without lid ✔️ ✔️
Jara Stainless Steel ✔️ ✔️
ceramic jar ✔️
Ability 2,2 L 3.3 L (usable 2.2 L)
integrated scale ✔️ ✔️
App ✔️ ✔️
Screen Guided Recipes ✔️
kneading spoon ✔️ ✔️
Vaporera ✔️ ✔️
Mariposa ✔️ ✔️
Precio 1259€ 1259€

how are they the same

  • The two kitchen machines have a large number of similar accessories such as the steamer, the spatula and the butterfly
  • The high-precision scale of both food processors is capable of measuring gram by gram and with a cumulative weighing function to facilitate recipes
  • Both the Thermomix TM6 and the Mambo 10090 have their own official Apps to facilitate the creation and organization of their official recipes.
  • The two kitchen robots have 10 speeds of rotation of their blades, to which is added the TURBO at maximum power
  • The heating system of both models is through a resistance
  • Both the Mambo 10090 and the Thermomix TM6 can boil and cook without the lid on and without the blades turning (zero speed) as if it were a ceramic hob
  • Both robots have the functions of: chopping, grinding, beating, grating, pulverizing, kneading, mixing, whipping, emulsifying, poaching, boiling, steaming, bain-marie, confit, chopping, fermenting, blending, stirring, turbo, keeping warm and fry.

What is the difference between them

  • First of all, the power of the Mambo resistance is 1700W, apparently higher than that of ThermoMix, which is 1000W (although in reality both robots have high performance)
  • As for the total number of cooking and recipe preparation functions, the Mambo 10090 has 30, while the Thermomix TM6 has only 15 functions (although this does not limit it to cook everything)
  • Regarding the maximum capacity of the timer, the Thermomix only reaches up to 8 hours, while the entire Mambo series (including the 10090) reaches up to 12 hours
  • If we want to reach the maximum temperature, in the Mambo 10090 we can do it freely, while in the Thermomix TM6 this feature is limited to guided cooking or the Varoma function.
  • The Mambo 10090 includes a second ceramic jug with a non-stick coating, ideal for preventing some dishes such as rice or stew from sticking.
  • Where, without a doubt, the Thermomix TM6 stands out is in its recipe book guided through the touch screen, which is also very extensive and can be updated through its APP and its screen. Something that the Mambo 10090 does not have.
  • Although the blade of the Thermomix TM6 is patented, Mambo has an exclusive accessory that this first one does not have, the Mambomix spoon. This is a perfect kneading spoon to make all kinds of dough, pastries or stir stews and rice dishes without breaking them.

In summary, which one do I buy, Mambo Cecotec or Thermomix?

Nobody can deny that Thermomix, either with the TM6 or any of its previous models, has made the best food processors. But in recent years the competition has been able to copy its functions very well at a very, very low price . After giving a great review of all the Mambo vs Thermomix models (especially the newest ones) we are going to give you some advice and conclusions so that you know which model to stay with.

The Thermomix TM6 is great no matter where you look, especially for its system of countless guided recipes, the quality of its materials, its performance and of course, the fantastic result of all the dishes. If you want the best and don’t care about money, the Thermomix TM6 will open not only the doors to a world of amazing recipes but also to a community of Vorwerk Lovers.

On the other hand, the Mambo 10090 is superior in everything because not only does it have 15 more functions than the Thermomix, but its ability to choose how and when is better (temperature, power and timer). But this is not the only thing that makes the difference, as we have seen throughout the article, most models come with more accessories and even an additional one at a price three times better or even more. In short, the best quality-price kitchen robot that you can find today.

And the rest of the Mambo models? Well, since they share many characteristics with the Mambo 10090, they are ideal for those people who have never had a food processor and do not quite dare to incorporate one into their daily routine. Many of them have a much lower price, which makes them the ideal candidates (especially if they are on sale or second-hand) to experiment with new ways of cooking.

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