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Atlanta, Georgia has long been a hotbed for hip-hop talent. From early pioneers like Outkast and Goodie Mob to modern hitmakers like Future and Young Thug, Atlanta has produced some of the biggest names in rap music. Here’s a look at 18 of the top Atlanta rappers of all time.

Here We Go with 18 Best Atlanta Rappers

1. Outkast

Arguably the most famous Atlanta rap act of all time, Outkast was one of the first groups to put Southern hip-hop on the map in the 1990s. The duo of Big Boi and Andre 3000 blended funk, soul, and experimental sounds into catchy hits like “Ms. Jackson” and “Hey Ya!” Outkast has sold over 25 million records worldwide and won six Grammy Awards.

2. T.I.

T.I. has been a major force in Atlanta hip-hop since bursting onto the scene in 2001. Known as the “King of the South,” he’s had multiple platinum albums and hit singles like “What You Know” and “Live Your Life.” T.I. has also expanded into acting, appearing in films like ATL and American Gangster.

3. Ludacris

Another pillar of Atlanta hip-hop, Ludacris first made waves as a radio DJ before releasing his smash debut album Back for the First Time in 2000. Known for his fast rapping and humorous lyrics, Ludacris has been a consistent presence on the charts with songs like “Stand Up,” “Money Maker,” and “My Chick Bad.”

4. Lil Jon

Producer and rapper Lil Jon helped popularize crunk music in the early 2000s with his rowdy beats and signature “Yeah!” ad-libs. As a producer, he worked extensively with Usher, Ciara, and the Ying Yang Twins. As an artist, Lil Jon scored major hits with “Get Low” and “Turn Down for What.” His influence on trap music can still be felt today.

5. 2 Chainz

Formerly known as Tity Boi in the Playaz Circle duo, 2 Chainz reinvented himself as a solo act in 2011. Since then, he’s become one of Atlanta’s most sought-after collaborators, appearing on hits like Kanye West’s “Mercy” and Drake’s “No Lie.” 2 Chainz himself has also topped the charts with songs like “I’m Different” and “Watch Out.”

6. Future

Perhaps the current king of Atlanta trap music, Future exploded onto the scene in 2011 with his mixtape run and high-pitch vocal style. Since then, he’s dominated urban radio with hits like “Turn on the Lights,” “Move That Dope,” and “Mask Off.” Future is also known for being one of the most prolific artists out there, constantly releasing new projects.

7. Migos

This trio of rappers – Quavo, Offset, and Takeoff – put Atlanta trap back on the map in 2013 with their infectious hit “Versace.” Their signature triplets flow and ad-libs influenced a whole new generation of rappers. Migos scored more hits with “Bad and Boujee” and “MotorSport” while Offset also found success as a solo act.

8. Gucci Mane

One of Atlanta’s OG trap stars, Gucci Mane has been a mainstay in the local scene since releasing his debut album in 2005. Known for his larger-than-life persona, extensive mixtape catalog, and collaborations with rising talents like Young Thug and Migos, Gucci Mane remains an Atlanta legend.

9. Young Thug

With his unique vocal delivery and androgynous fashion sense, Young Thug broke out in 2014 as one of Atlanta’s most distinct new voices. Despite being initially controversial, he developed a devout following and influenced many of today’s young rappers. Thug has continued to thrive through co-signs from artists like Drake and hits like “Best Friend.”

10. 21 Savage

Known for his cold, menacing delivery, 21 Savage epitomizes the darker side of Atlanta trap. Since coming up in 2016, he’s become a mainstay in the scene with huge singles like “Bank Account,” “A Lot,” and “No Heart.” More recently, 21 Savage has featured on Post Malone’s rock-trap hits like “Rockstar” and “I Saw the Sign.”

11. Playboi Carti

The youngest Atlanta rapper on this list, Playboi Carti broke out in 2017 with his unique vocal style and punk aesthetic. Mentored by Lil Uzi Vert and signed to A$AP Rocky’s label, Carti makes hallucinogenic trap music that’s caught on hugely among teens and young adults. Songs like “Magnolia” and “Woke Up Like This” showcase his unconventional appeal.

12. Lil Baby

Alongside Gunna, Lil Baby is leading a new wave of young Atlanta talent. With a melodic flow and introspective lyrics, he broke out hugely in 2018 with hits like “Yes Indeed” with Drake. Lil Baby’s vulnerable songwriting on tracks like “Emotionally Scarred” has earned him a devoted fanbase.

13. Young Dro

An early Grand Hustle signee, Young Dro made his mark in 2006 with the unique Atlanta strip club anthem “Shoulder Lean.” While less active recently, he’s continued to be an influential figure in the city’s hip-hop scene. His early hits like “Black Tee” and “Freeze Me” are still staples.

14. Yung Joc

After getting discovered by producer Russell “Block” Spencer, Yung Joc became a major BET and radio force in 2006 with the club banger “It’s Goin Down.” The Atlanta native continued scoring hits into the 2010s like “I Know You See It” and retained local popularity with his appearance on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.

15. Rich Kidz

This trio of teen rappers took Atlanta by storm with viral hits like “My Partna Dem” and “23” in the early 2010s. Rich Kidz – made up of Kwony Cash, ATM, and PeeWee Longway – helped pioneer the city’s rise of exuberant, youthful hip-hop and cannot be forgotten. Their swagger and catchy hooks made them stars before they finished high school. Check out more more related to entertainment.

16. Roscoe Dash

Known for his sing-song style, Roscoe Dash made waves in 2010 by appearing on the remix to Soulja Boy’s “All the Way Turned Up.” He later scored a solo hit with “No Hands,” featuring Wale and Waka Flocka Flame. While not as active recently, Roscoe Dash remains a memorable part of Atlanta hip-hop’s late 2000s club era.

17. Jeezy

As part of Boyz N Da Hood and later as a solo artist, Jeezy has been one of Atlanta trap music’s pioneers since the 2000s. His 2005 debut Let’s Get It: Thug Motivation 101 helped establish the city’s street rap sound. Jeezy continues to thrive today with releases like Seen It All and church-inspired anthems like “Amen.”

18. Trinidad James

Trinidad James exploded almost overnight with his smash hit “All Gold Everything” in 2012. Led by its unforgettable hook, the song encapsulated Atlanta’s energy at the time. While James’ career was short-lived, for a brief period he was one of the biggest breakthrough artists out of the city.


From chart-topping superstars like Outkast and Future to local legends like Lil Jon and Gucci Mane, Atlanta has produced a staggering amount of hip-hop talent. New school artists like Lil Baby, Gunna, and Playboi Carti show that the city remains a hotbed for breaking new acts. With its distinctive southern sound and culture, Atlanta will continue to be a dominant force in shaping rap’s future. The overlap with Latin trap artists like Mexican rappers and Chicago Rappers are also evidence of Atlanta’s influence spreading beyond regional borders. No matter who you think runs the city, there’s no denying ATL’s status as hip-hop’s contemporary capital.

FAQs About Atlanta Rappers

Who is the most famous rapper from Atlanta?

Most people consider Outkast to be the most famous Atlanta rap act of all-time. Big Boi and Andre 3000 took southern hip-hop mainstream in the 90s and have sold over 25 million records.

Who is the best rapper in Atlanta right now?

Right now, Future is likely considered the biggest star coming out of Atlanta. Since breaking out in 2011, he’s dominated with mixtapes and mainstream hits like “Mask Off.” Other contenders for best current Atlanta rapper include 2 Chainz, 21 Savage, Lil Baby and Migos.

What record label is based in Atlanta?

Some major labels based in Atlanta include So So Def Recordings, Grand Hustle Records, Quality Control Music, and T.I.’s label ESF Music. Atlanta also has many influential independent and underground labels.

What is Atlanta hip-hop’s distinctive sound?

Atlanta is known for originating the trap music subgenre. Trap music frequently features layered synthesizers, rattling hi-hats, 808 kicks, and lyrics focused on drug dealing and street life. More melodic forms of trap have also emerged from the city.

Who are some up-and-coming rappers from Atlanta?

Some of the newest hip-hop artists making waves out of Atlanta include Lil Keed, Lil Gotit, Lil Eazzyy, 10Percent, and Bankroll Freddie. The city has a strong system for developing and breaking new talent.