Car ready for advertising, are you sure? Know More

Selling a car is not such a difficult job. More precisely, it should not be, if the seller knew how to present what he sells in the right way. Although we have covered this topic in detail in the previous period, we decided to deal once again with one important detail of the ad – photography.

When photographing his car, the seller must know what is important to emphasize, but more importantly how he should not paint. So let’s go through some of the ‘deadly sins’ of vehicle photography together:

1. The first rule is: No matter how handsome and beautiful you are, please do not put your pictures on the ad. Buyers are interested in the car, not you.

This man already in the announcement associates with some scam, or some job that Delboy and Rodney usually do in the series Mućke, so don’t make a counter advertisement.

For God’s sake, man, get rid of that   Golf, you’re ruining the picture!

2. If you still think that your presence will beautify the image of the car and the ad, let the subject of sale be in the foreground. Supported by an example – we all know how good a Mitsubishi Lancer is, but this guy is definitely distracting from it and unfortunately not in a positive way, which is not good.

On the other hand, the guy in the picture next to Lada did it better. Unfortunately, still not good enough.

3. The next mistake that a number of sellers make is related to the ‘hygiene’ of the vehicles they sell. The cleaner the vehicle, the more attractive and beautiful it will be in the eyes of the customer. The most important thing in photography is to see the vehicle as well as possible.

And in a case like the one below, you need to see the vehicle (dot).

Maintenance and cleanliness of the interior of the car is also very important, so before you take a picture of your vehicle, fix this part as well.

This kind of picture will not delight anyone, on the contrary, it will cause concern of a potential buyer, that some new creatures have developed in the vehicle, hitherto unknown to people. Interesting topic to know more about polovni traktori.

Also, it is convenient to know one thing – customers are extremely attracted to clean mats, so it is not bad to wash or vacuum them.

4. Choose the time and place where the car will be photographed.
All that is left is the rain to complete this whole ambience. Of course, we’re kidding. This   Chevrolet would look much nicer if it was photographed in a better, not to mention cleaner location.

5. Last rule, nothing less important – do not ‘upload’ pictures of vehicles with your children on the ad. Such content is available to everyone on the Internet and has a large number of views, so it is not very convenient for everyone to watch it. Also, maybe your kids won’t be so thrilled when they grow up a little and realize what kind of marketing campaign you used them for.

If you are doing this to tell the customer that the vehicle was family-run, simply write it down.

As an example of how to paint a car, we present you this beautiful Renault Megane. Now simply relax and enjoy the pictures of a true professional.

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