Get ready for all kinds of adventures in the Toyota ProAce Verso Camper. This family van has the ability to travel and sleep just about anywhere. Toyota has converted one of its models into a camper so that it has all the necessary comforts of a motorhome.

Toyota has presented its range of camper vehicles in Barcelona, ​​all of them restructured by the prestigious coachbuilder “Tinkervan”. Know more about Mercedes benz clc class ne shitje.

Toyota’s global camper range brings together the Toyota ProAce Verso, the Toyota ProAce City (mini camper) and the Toyota Hilux, also camperized.

We focus on the Toyota ProAce Verso Camper, which meets all the polyvalence requirements that are needed for a creation of this type of family van that has been made on the models of the Japanese brand, so that it is feasible to even spend nights with it in any place.

Toyota is aware that the world of camper vans is growing rapidly in Europe due to the significant price differences with motorhomes, their versatility, their ability to travel and sleep practically anywhere , and, why not, the world of getaways and adventures that open.

The Toyota ProAce Verso Camper can also go through a normal van in its minivan aesthetic from the roots of the PSA group, but with its specific brand stamp.

Three levels of adaptation to camper

There are 3 levels of camperization that Toyota has developed based on the ProAce Verso with an average body of 4.96 meters in length , in which the most notable characteristics and differences are the following:

  • OutFun , which is the simplest configuration and has:
    • Rotating front seats.
    • Bed of 1.60 by 2 meters , located from the second row of seats to the tailgate.
    • Table for outdoor and indoor use (which forms a very pleasant room inside).
    • 31 liter removable electric fridge .
    • Small electric shower with a 12 liter tank.
  • Nomad , which adds:
    • Flexo with LED lighting.
    • Possibility of mounting an  extra bed on the 1.30 by 2 meter elevating roof (comfortable and wide enough).
    • Extension of the roof that is carried out with an insulating fabric and has 3 windows with mosquito nets.
  • Nomad Plus , which corresponds to the top of the range and adds:
    • Heating and ventilation with programmer.
    • Two extra power outlets.

Of course, as an option , the content of the ProAce Verso Camper can be completed with an interesting catalog of extras that allow it to almost be converted into a motorhome, with various types of kitchens, bicycle racks, awnings, plugs (both 12 V sockets and conventional 220 V) and many other improvements that work to increase your comfort on board.

Well-proven diesel mechanics

The mechanical section faithfully repeats the structure of a normal ProAce Verso, with two diesel blocks on offer of 1.5 liters and 120 hp or 2.0 liters of 150 hp , both engines linked to a 6-speed manual gearbox , and including in the 150 hp variant a special selector for traction modes between wet, sand, snow and others.

The good preparation of Toyota in this project together with the bodybuilder, have allowed that, despite the increase in weight that its creation means, hardly any significant change is perceptible in terms of performance and driving of the camper variant with respect to the series model.

Versatility and life on board

There is no doubt that acquiring a camper vehicle means that sooner or later it will be used to improvise a place to spend the night, without the logical “disadvantages” of a motorhome, but carrying all the minimum necessary comforts .

The most important advantage of a campervan is its double utility: a vehicle for daily use and a vehicle for traveling with family or friends, thanks to its double bed and the possibility of stopping wherever and whenever you want. Of course, it is only allowed to deploy the awning and other equipment in areas enabled for this purpose , although you can set up a very handy interior room if it cools outside.

Mounting the awning (almost 3 meters) is a very simple operation by means of a crank attached to the support of the lower bed, unfolding the frame itself with legs that are inserted into some stakes.

The folding table is stored in the trunk and is also useful for its interior installation, as well as the electric refrigerator (31 liters) can also be placed in the trunk or next to the sliding door in the second row of seats displaced, being able to configure the interior in various ways and turning the front seats (180º) as support for the interior room.

The beds are quite spacious, with comfortable viscoelastic mattresses , although the one located at the top may be more suitable for individual use or for children.

It must be said that the Toyota ProAce Verso Camper is an alternative to consider for those drivers who are looking for a vehicle of this type for their normal life and for use on regular trips or getaways, since it has very well thought-out contents and finishes that They will surely provide everything necessary for its normalized use.

It is not a cheap vehicle since it starts at €37,075 (Toyota ProAce Verso Camper OutFun with 120 CV 1.5 D engine ), reaching the “Nomad Plus” finish up to €45,683 , and also bearing in mind that both the awning and the bicycle rack they must be purchased separately.